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Marketing New Product helps inventors address the question of how to market a new product by presenting marketing that works, marketing that doesn’t and why from an inventor, evaluator and marketer of new product ideas. Our goal is for you to avoid the pitfalls while optimizing time, energy and money on the road to commercial success.

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How to Market a New Product

Sep 03 2013

How to Market a New Product in Meadville, PAHow to market a new product” is a common search phrase on search engines. While it is a common search, it is the wrong search. It will not answer the question that is really at the heart of the matter. The real question should be, “how can I maximize my return on my idea given what I am willing to do to make my idea a commercial success”.

The truth is that there are millions of ideas and they grow in value as they approach commercial success. An idea that never gets exposed and promoted it has a very small chance of success. Marketing a new product takes: time, money, effort and knowledge. The person who asks How to market a new product doesn’t possess time, money, effort and knowledge then they are going to have to hire the talent to fill in their shortcomings or find alternative ways (See Three Options for Inventors) to market like selling the idea or licensing the idea to an organization with all the prerequisites to successfully market the new product.

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