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Marketing New Product helps inventors address the question of how to market a new product by presenting marketing that works, marketing that doesn’t and why from an inventor, evaluator and marketer of new product ideas. Our goal is for you to avoid the pitfalls while optimizing time, energy and money on the road to commercial success.

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Marketing is Not Complicated

May 29 2013

Not ComplicatedMarketing discussions are complicated by strategies, tactics, and jargon, but Marketing is Not Complicated. As students and practitioners of marketing, it is very easy to get drawn into the complexities of the marketing mix, the 4Ps, the product life cycle or some other aspect of marketing. Discussions like this cause the uninitiated to think that marketing is complicated. It is not.

Successful marketers know that marketing is all about the development and refinement of a product and it’s presentation to consumers with a need for what that product can do for them.

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head-and-sholders  Robert Cannon

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