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Marketing New Product helps inventors address the question of how to market a new product by presenting marketing that works, marketing that doesn’t and why from an inventor, evaluator and marketer of new product ideas. Our goal is for you to avoid the pitfalls while optimizing time, energy and money on the road to commercial success.

Every Initiative Begins with Consciousness

The Bible tells us that in the beginning there was light, but even before light, there was consciousness. Consciousness is at the beginning of every endeavor. At the very least, there is a consciousness about the current situation and a new initiative. It is probably very limited as demonstrated by the above video showing the basic competence cycle.

Every initiative involves a learning process. The biggest problem facing every initiative is finding the right mix of consciousness with the desire to implement as quickly as possible. The longer the wait to implement, the greater the costs and the higher the probability of an alternate solution. The earlier the implementation, the greater the likelihood of failure and the high costs associated with that failure.

The best method to use to determine when the balance is right is by constantly testing. Test the initiative in a limited way. If the initial test is successful, expand the test. If there are problems, address them and create an iteration of the initiative and test it. Test, evaluate, iterate and retest to success. It is important to keep costs to a minimum until testing has shown that the initiative will accomplish the desired objective.

The “Get Smart, Get Focused, Get Results” system developed at the Cannon Advantage contains detailed steps to inure that your initiative  achieves the balance required to move forward to optimal results. Call (216) 408-9495 to learn more.

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